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March is here and the countdown has started for Easter! This year Easter will be March 31. We will be having two services (8:00 & 10:30) in our new building. You will not want to miss our first chance to use our new building for our weekend services! We will have our Easter breakfast from 9:05-10:20.

My prayer is that we have all of our 99 and lots of our ONES celebrating the game-changing significance of Jesus’ resurrection.

I hope you see this as a great opportunity to invite a friend or family member to join you for an Easter service.

Here are some simple keys to an effective invitation.

  • Pray for them daily! Pray they c.ome. Pray that they hear/experience something that grips their heart!
  • Invite them soon!
  • Invite them more than once.
  • Invite them to stay for (or come early for) breakfast.
  • Let them know that casual dress is fine.
  • Be willing to attend whichever service works best for them.
  • Plan to meet them when they arrive (tell them where to find you). Be early!
  • Imagine what could happen if God uses this as their first step toward a life-changing relationship with Him!!

Looking forward to celebrating what Jesus did nearly  2,000 years ago, and praying for what He will do this year!

Pastor Tom