I AM NOT PERFECT    “It has been a journey for me and continues to be. I had my life planned out. Get married, save money for a house and security, build the house, have 2 kids, continue with my social work degree, family first, always be honest and helpful to others around me. You can have things planned out, but it doesn't always work out that way. Did God have a different plan for me! I got married at 20 and was married for 18.5 years, saved money for the house and security, built that house, could not get pregnant for 8 years, finally had a beautiful girl, husband had a severe semi accident with a brain injury, infidelity on the part of my spouse, quit my job as I could not handle all of the stress, money troubles, and finally a divorce. That was not my plan! I was not going to be a divorcee. What happened to my plan? I blamed God for a number of years. I thought I needed to bring my daughter to church so she would be exposed to “church life”--not that I needed it just as much! We started coming to church, and I began volunteering in Awana. I started to forgive myself and my former spouse for the hurt, the loss, and stopped blaming God. I started seeing that life is a gift, and I was the only one that could change my outlook. I was not a failure for getting a divorce. I am not perfect and God does not expect me to be. ‘Live your life Nicole, slow down and enjoy your day to day, let God into your life, accept what has happened and move on with your new life.’ This is what I continue to work on, and KCC has been so wonderful in my journey. I want to continue to grow and am doing so, even if it is small steps.”


                       "LIKE A BOLT OF LIGHTNING I REALIZED...."


TO SERVE, NOT SIT    "When I became a believer in Jesus Christ, I was excited about what that meant for me...I mean, think about it! I had been saved from the penalty and guilt over past sins--who wouldn't want that?  And I was saved from the power of sin over me, so I no longer had to be trapped by the attitudes and actions that kept me in a state of disgust with myself, much less was displeasing God! I looked forward to the day when I would even be free from the presence of sin and evil! I was very good at determining what, in my new "walk," would be good for me, and what was not. I realize now that it was all about "me"--how I would benefit. Imagine my surprise when I was listening to a lecture from Matthew 8 when Jesus healed Peter's mother-in-law and her response was to get up and serve Jesus. The lecturer said:  'Principle: We are saved to serve, not to sit.' Like a bolt of lightning, I realized I had become a "sitter."  I expected to be served, to just take in and keep taking in all that Jesus had for me. I confessed; I repented; and then I prayed a dangerous prayer...'Lord, I will do whatever you call me to do, I will go where you call me to go...' And I began a journey walking by faith doing what originally I knew I couldn't do because the One Who calls is also the One Who equips. I have gone from a woman just happy to know I'm in a saving relationship with Jesus and eager to be filled up by others, to a surrendered servant with a heart burdened for a class of women and leaders. There is no where I would rather be than right in the center of His will, serving my heart out for the One Who has given so much for me. We really are called to serve, not to sit. And it's in the serving that you are truly filled."


We all have testimonies of God in our life--whether we share them or not.

Below are shared testimonials from our congregation--testimonials that will encourage your own walk with Christ, testify to the work of God in a person's life, and share how Kimball Christian Church has helped individuals take steps in their faith.


VBS    "I was blown away by how BIG and exciting the church made Vacation Bible School week. I couldn't wait for our 2 year old to turn 3, so she could get in on all the fun. What a great presentation to children--walking with God really is this exciting. Thank you.

- Shari

WE GOT TO TALK    “AWANA has been a great influence on our kids' lives! They ALWAYS want to listen to their Cubbie's CD in the car, no matter how long we are traveling--5 mins or 20 mins... it's on! They love it! They love listening to the stories, and I remember the first time Max heard that Jesus knows his name (from the Cubbie's CD). He exclaimed, "WHAT?!?! JESUS knows MY name?!?!" It was an exciting discovery for him, and we got to talk about how much Jesus loves him and all people!"

--Nate & Erin

GOD HAS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR ME    "I never relied on God to make my plans for me, I took full control of my own life. It wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I finally looked up and put my life in God's hands. Since then, he's taken me in a whole new different direction in my life; new town, new church, new friends, family and love. Kimball Christian Church has taught me that God has unconditional love for me and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made just the way he wants me to be. He's pushed me outside my comfort zone, knowing I now have full faith in Him and it has overfilled me with the fruits of the spirit. God is Great!"