As we navigate the challenges of COVID-19, we are continuing with our Sunday Worship Services outside, through the end of September. (The service time, effective September 13, is 10:00am.) Community Groups, Sunday School classes, and nursery services are not yet available. During weekdays, the building is open for small groups--please contact the church office to coordinate time(s) and use of rooms.

September 20, 2020



  • Welcome
  • Congregational Singing
  • Prayer
  • Sermon
  • Communion & Prayer
  • Benediction



Q: Where do I park if I want to stay in my car for the service?

A: The parking lot attendants will direct you.  To let us know you're remaining in your car, we ask that you turn on your vehicle's emergency flashers to indicate this.


Q: How do I give my offering and take communion? 
A: When you enter the parking lot, hosts will provide your vehicle with pre-packaged communion. At their table, they'll also have a drop-box for offering, if you'd like to give it then. Otherwise, we recommend utilizing our online giving feature.  


Q: Is anyone wearing masks? 

A: It is left to the discretion of individuals if they are going to wear masks. Masks are welcomed, but not required.


Q: Is there any shade where we will be sitting?

A: Yes, there is shade from the trees, during the service.


Q: What if there's a chance of rain?

A: If the weather does not cooperate with us, the outdoor service will be cancelled. The staff will post an announcement of any such cancellation on the home page of our website and our Facebook page. We'll make such announcement prior to 9:30am. (You'll be encouraged then to watch our service online. )


Q: Will Pastor's sermon be the same in-person as online?

A: Yes, as well as the Communion Meditation and song selection.


Q:  Can I go into the building?

A: Except for emergency situations, the building will generally remain closed, including the bathrooms.


Q: How long is the service expected to be?

A: 45-minutes.

Please come prior to 10:00am.

For those sitting outdoors, please bring lawn chairs or a blanket to sit on. Families are asked to sit together and practice social distancing.

For those sitting in their vehicles, please turn on your flashers coming into the parking lot. 



Join Pastors Kevin White and Joe Druga & the Kimball Christian Church on Sunday mornings for a worship service outside at 10:00am (September 20 and 27).  We hope that you find our church family a place to belong and become all that God has planned for you. Thank you for joining us to worship our Savior, Jesus. (Our online option is still available for those who need to watch from home.)