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Join Pastors Kevin White, Joe Druga, and Michael Tomlinson & the Kimball Church of Christ on Sunday mornings at 8:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. for worship. We hope that you find our church family a place to belong and become all that God has planned for you. Thank you for joining us to worship our Savior, Jesus.





This sermon series is based on the letters of first and second Peter. In them, we will see how God shaped a rough Galilean fisherman in to a great leader--courageous and effective. Despite his personality flaws, Peter had a deep love for Christ, and his faith shines from the pages of Scripture like gold refined by fire! Through it all, we will find encouragement to continue in our walk with God, even when our faith is under fire. We hope that you will plan to join us Sunday mornings as we examine these two short, encouraging New Testament letters filled with "Living Hope" for growing Christians. 
  • Faith Under Fire: I Peter 1:1-2
  • Refined by Fire--I Peter 1:3-12
  • Prepare for a Change --I Peter 1:13-20
  • Next Steps--I Peter 2:11-25
  • Harmony at Home--I Peter 3:1-12
  • Don't be Afraid--I Peter 3:13-4:11
  • When Life Seems Unfair--I Peter 4:12-19
  • Lead from Your Knees--I Peter 5:1-4
  • Know More, Grow More--II Peter 1:1-11
  • Remember the Truth--II Peter 1:12-21
  • Dances with Wolves--II Peter 2:11-22
  • A Great Day Coming--II Peter 3:1-13
This sermon series was based on the Book of Matthew, chapters 5-7, covering:
  • A Pattern for Life
  • Worship in the Kingdom
  • Life in the Kingdom
  • True Treasures: Trust & Tranquility
  • How to Treat Others in the Kingdom
  • The Way of Life in the Kingdom
  • Living Under the Authority of Jesus


This sermon series looked at the people surrounding the time of Christ Jesus' death on the Cross. Their responses was the focus in this sermon series during the Easter season:
  • Accepted by a Few
  • Dismissed by the Soldiers
  • Rejected by the People
  • Tortured by the Romans
  • Deserted by His Friends
  • And, the Ultimate Question--our response to Easter/to God