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From the Pastor's Pen
From Pastor Kevin White  -- July 2019 Newsletter 

A few years ago, the church where Bonnie’s parents attend was expanding their facility to meet the needs of a growing congregation. I loved the theme of their building program. It was, “Touching Tomorrow Today!” As I reflect on “the Why, the What, and the How” of our Building Expansion Project that our leaders have been discussing the past couple of years, I think the same theme of “Touching Tomorrow Today” could apply to KCC!

KCC Leadership hosted a “Town Hall” style meeting for the congregation on Sunday, June 23, during the Sunday School and adult Community Group hour. The purpose of the meeting was to inform the congregation of the plans & progress of the building project, up to this point, and to address any questions or concerns. The leadership is also interested in gaging the level of interest and support for this project. Many people were gone and not able to be present for the informational meeting, and so I want to review a few of the highlights from that meeting.

First, the Why?

When you look around the Sanctuary on a Sunday Morning, there appears to be plenty of room. And this is true! Even if we were crowded, we could add a third or even a fourth worship service if necessary. The proposed building expansion is primarily being designed to address the needs we are currently experiencing in our ministry to our children & youth. The numbers in our Sunday School, VBS, AWANA, and Glimpse Student Ministry are at, or near, capacity. For example, Leslie Arnold shared that in her Wednesday Night AWANA “Cubbies” (3-5 years old) class, the average attendance this past year was about 18 students and 4 adults. The classroom space is crowded, and there is not enough room for more children. We don’t have room, and we don’t want to turn away any child! Most of the other classrooms for the other age groups are also near capacity. There is currently no available space to add more classes. We also, currently, offer 4 adult Community Groups during the Sunday School hour. These groups are growing, and we will likely need to add additional adult Community Groups in the future to accommodate our growth.

This new building addition is being designed to address the need for additional space. The building is a “tool in our toolbox” that God has blessed our KCC congregation to use for His Glory, as we seek to fulfill our mission and vision as a church!

Secondly, the What?
A Building Committee has been organized to discuss some ideas and plans for a new addition that will meet our current and future needs as a congregation. There have been several ideas and revisions to a floorplan, and I suspect there will be several more changes before a design is finalized. (Your ideas and feedback are welcome.) The Building Committee is proposing an addition that is approximately 10,000 square feet. Initially, it will have additional classroom areas, a large multi-purpose room with a stage for larger events, restrooms, and any other basic building needs. Other specific features to the building will be added to the design depending on your feedback and the priorities that are identified. Of course, the project will also depend on the amount of money that is committed to this project by our congregation. The leadership will not compromise the financial integrity of the Church. Our leadership has always been committed to living within our budget. It is no different with this proposed building project. We can not move forward with this building addition without “counting the cost” and developing a reasonable plan to pay for it.

That brings me to the third point that was discussed...

Thirdly, the How?

The simple answer is that where God guides, He always supplies! The tricky part is that He wants to do it through His people. There is more than enough money in our congregation for this project. The issue is whether we want to part with some of our resources to financially commit to support this project. There are many creative ways to give in addition to giving cash or a check. Some may be in the position to give accumulated stock and avoid capital gains. Others may choose to sell something and give the proceeds. Some have said they plan to tithe on some unexpected income while others have mentioned that they intend to increase the amount of their regular tithes and offerings. When I was working in the Development Office at Minnesota Bible College, we had farmers who gave gifts of grain to the ministry that benefitted the ministry of the college while also reducing their federal and state tax liability. I encourage you to pray and then be creative in the “How” and “What” you will plan to give to this project, that is over and above your current level of giving! For the next three Sundays, we will have a display in the foyer that will provide more information about this building expansion project. Pledge Cards are available, in the foyer, for you to complete, if you haven't already received one. These will give the leadership an indication of the level of support our congregation has for the addition. You do not need to sign your pledge. There are about 125 giving units in the church, and we would like to see 125 Pledge Cards returned. We realize that some can give more while others may not be in the position to give more than you currently give--that’s Ok! Put down the amount that you can give—and if it’s zero—that’s what we need to know. This information will help the leadership to plan wisely as we move forward. Pledge Cards can be returned in the dropbox in the foyer Sunday. If you have questions, please talk with one of the Elders.  We ask that you return your Pledge Cards on or before Sunday, July 14, 2019.  Thank you.

Carpe Diem, 

Pastor Kevin