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From the Pastor's Pen
by Pastor Kevin White




From the Pastor's Pen  

April 1, 2019

In a few weeks, we will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave is the foundation of our Christian faith! Every week we celebrate the Hope of the Resurrection when we partake of the Lord’s Supper. But on Easter Sunday, we remember, reflect, and rejoice in a very special way as we are reminded of the fact that one day—we too—will be raised to Eternal Life! 

That is what Chris Chambers reminded us this past Sunday, “Christian Hope is a confident expectation of what is sure to come—namely that Jesus Christ will return and that He will bring eternal life to those who have been saved through God’s mercy!” Christian Hope is not wishful thinking! It is like hoping for spring in the dead of winter—It’s not a question of “if” but “when” it will happen! 

I invite you to join us in the coming weeks for some special worship services that will help us grow in our faith and in the confident hope we have in Jesus! My prayer is that we will learn to appreciate what Jesus has done for us,by leading us to the cross in a fresh way to remind us of what Jesus has done for us through His death, burial and resurrection! On Palm Sunday, April 14, we will focus on the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem. 

I also want to encourage you to attend and invite your family and friends to come to “The Greatest Story Ever Told!” on Maundy Thursday, April 18, at 7:00 PM. The focus of this moving worship service will be the scenes of the Last Supper in the Upper Room, Gethsemane, The Cross, and The Empty Tomb. We will experience the steps of Jesus as He moves from scene to scene. You will hear the story, see the story, sing the story and participate in the story as we partake of the Lord’s Supper at the end of the service! I trust that this focus on the Passion of Christ will inspire you in your faith! 

It was Thursday Night! Jesus was about to face the cross! To prepare Himself for what He knew He must do… Jesus retreated to Gethsemane’s garden with His disciples! He had them sit at a certain place and then the three who were closest to Him went a little farther into the garden. As they walked, Jesus said, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.” He then asked them to sit and pray as He went a little farther and prayed alone. The point is that before Jesus could face Calvary, He had to pass through Gethsemane! Before Jesus was raised to Eternal Life, He had to die on the Cross to fulfill God’s plan for our salvation! And before we can enjoy the benefits of His grace and forgiveness, we need to receive His FREE GIFT of New Life! 

I urge you to come and celebrate with your KCC family in the coming weeks as we worship and give glory to God for His mercy & grace and for our forgiveness and freedom!

To God be the Glory! 
Pastor Kevin


  • Connect with KCC and visit our booth at the Kimball Expo, April 6, 8:30-12:30 at the Kimball High School. (Richard Eckman’s Band will be featured in the cafetorium beginning @ 9:00 AM).
  • Support the Kimball Fire Department and enjoy the food and fellowship at the Annual Pancake Breakfast on Palm Sunday, April 14.
  • The KCC Youth are hosting a free Easter Experience for elementary kids on Saturday, April 20 at the Kimball High School, 9:30-11:00 AM.
  • Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday Morning at 8:00 or 10:30 AM, and then enjoy the Annual Easter Breakfast. (No Sunday School or Community Groups on Easter Sunday). The KCC Easter Breakfast will be hosted by our students and begin at 9:00 AM at the Church Fellowship Hall.
Please save the following dates in April... 
  KCC Calendar 

April 17 (Wed) 6:00pm--Awards Ceremony

for Awana Clubs

April 18 (Thurs) 7:00pm-- "The Greatest Story Ever Told" Maundy Thursday


April 20 (Sat) 9:30am-- 
Easter Experience

(held at Kimball High School for elementary kids)

April 21 (Sun) 8:00am/ 10:30am--Easter Worship Services 

April 21 (Sun)
 9:00am--Easter Breakfast

April 27 (Sat) 5:00pm--Fabulous 50's & Beyond Dinner