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Discover Community

Why Jesus doesn't want us to do life alone. 

Series Overview

God created us to experience life and faith in community.  Far too often, Christians live in isolation from each other and find they are struggling to experience God's freedom.  Being a follower of Jesus doesn't have to be a lonely experience.  Instead, following Jesus can be about interacting with others, encouraging others, and being challenged by others.  


We are spending the next three weeks encouraging students to explore the value of community.  We will talk about why we need people and we will discover people need us too.  

January 9th: Why you need people (Galatians 6:10)

As we launch into this new teaching series on the importance of community in our lives - the value of other people and how they can help us experience God's freedom.  We hope to show students why we all need others: our parents, our Glimpse small group mentors,  our peers...


We are going to focus on Galatians 6:1-10.  We will discuss the ways other people can offer encouragement and accountability, how other people can help us overcome challenges, and how other people can help us live like Jesus.  We will challenge our students to understand that there is REAL VALUE in being a part of the community in church.


In your own famiy, you can help model this series by showing your kids how important it is to stay connected to the church community.  You can also keep the conversation going with some of these questions:


* How do encouragment and accountability help you on the journey to knowing Jesus better? 

*How have you become closer to other followers of Jesus through overcoming challenges?

*Where do you need Jesus' help more: caring for others or letting others care for you? 

*How can we as a family care more deeply and more consistently for each other? 

January 16th: Why people need you and your gifts (1 Corinthians 12:12-27)

Why do people need us? This question is valuable for every Christ-follower to ask and can help us discover our role for serving in the church. During this lesson we are looking at Pauls teaching in 1 Corinthians about the body of Christ.  For the church to be a healthy, vibrant, functioning body, we must discover and use the gifts that each of us has been given. Every follower of Jesus is gifted.  The process of discovery is about self-reflection, asking others for insight on what they observe in us, and asking Jesus to open doors of opportunity.


Use some of these questions to keep the conversation happening at home with your student:


* Besides the church, what is one other group you belong to that is much bigger than you?  How can you find great purpose and meaning in belonging to something bigger than you are?

*How might your unique gifts and abilities help someone who is seeking greater freedom from hurts or unhealthy habits?  How can you help them seek Jesus?

*When have you experienced a group of Christ-followers who were "healthy and growing and full of love"? What was that like?

*How can we encourage you to discover and use the gifts God has given you? 

January 23th: Why people need you and your story (2 Corinthians 5:11-21)

This week we are going to wrap up this series on the value of community. We will take a look at the next letter Paul writes to the church in Corinth. This time Paul talks about the way our stories of freedom and transformation can impact others.  When our lives have been made new through faith in Jesus, we are called to be ambassadors for Christ.  We will encourage students to see their lives as stories (to write their testimonies) that they can use to show others their relationship to Jesus.


Have you told your story to your kids? Take some time to share with them how you became a Christian and why it is still important to you today.  Share what changes you have seen God make in your own life.  Then use some of these questions to keep the conversation going. 


*What does it mean to be reconciled with God, and how does that change a person's story?

*Where and when do you find it most difficult to be an ambassador for Jesus? How do you need Jesus' help in those moments? 

*How can you use your unique story to invite others into a relationship with Jesus and reconciliation with God? 

The parent cue is a way for us (the church and parents) to connect and help lead students.  God has placed the greatest influence in a students life in the hands of a parent.  God has used the church to surround the family with encouragment and motivation to grow closer in their relationship to God.  Combined, when the chruch and the family work together, we can have a greater impact in the life of a student than either influence working alone.  Will you partner with us as we show students what life is like when we choose to follow Jesus. 

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