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It's time to talk! 

Week ONE (1/3/2018)

The concept of knowing God can be overwhelming.  Where do you even start to comprehend the creator of the universe? But when we look at the Bible, we see that God does want us to know Him.  Talk to your high schooler about this idea.  Share one thing you've done recently - gone for a hike, read a book, grabbed coffee with a friend - what has helped you get to know God better?

We can know God by taking notice of His creation and the world around us. Romans 1:20


Week TWO (1/10/2018)

One way to know God better is to talk to Him.  Prayer doesn't have to be a formal, impersonal, one-way conversation.  Share with your teenager some of your best practices in creating a healthy prayer-life.  If you feel like you're lacking in this area, talk about ways both of you can improve.

God wants you to know Him - so much so that He will help you know Him. Psalm 145:18


Week THREE (1/17/2018)

The Bible encourages us to talk about our faith with others.  Ask your student how comfortable they feel discussing their faith.  Help them come up with a few go-to phrases they can share if they're asked about their beliefs.

If someone asks what you believe and why, you  should be ready to give an answer. 1 Peter 3:15


Week FOUR (1/24/2018)

Spend time with your student talking about the different ways someone can connect with God. Some examples might be: through music, painting, being outdoors, talking over coffee, prayer, sports, ect. If your student is not sure which form of worship they're wired for, encourage them to try out a couple of different ways this week.  They may be suprised how they get to know God best.

There are lots of ways to worship God - worship is more about the WHO than the how. Romans 12:1


Remember this

The Lord is close to all who call on him, yes, to all who call on him in truth

Psalm 145.18









Morning Time

One Morning this month, send your teenager a text telling them something awesome you've noticed about them recently.  Make sure it's a positive, new thing.  For example, maybe you love their new haircut or their new commitment to nutritrion or exercise.


Meal Time

One thing is certain in the life of your teen;  things are always changing.  Maybe it is new things they like or do not like, their taste in music changes, the clothes they want, the hobbie they are into, and even their friends change.  Get to know your teen again and again by asking about their most and least favorite things while eating dinner together as a family. 


Their Time

It may be challenging for you student to verbalize their thoughts and feelings, especially when put on the spot.  Send them a text sometime this week, asking them to think of three ways you can be there for them.  Give them some time to respond.  When they do, affirm their answers and support them in their greatest area of need.


Bed Time

The end of the day, right before bed time is surprisingly vulnerable time for most people.  This is also true for your student.  One night this month, pop your head inside their room before lights-out and ask if they want to talk for a few minutes.  You could start by talking about your day, and then ask about theirs.  Be there just to listen, and only offer your advise if you are asked.


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XP3: Know God