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Have you ever seen something go viral? Maybe you saw one of those videos from a singing competition show where a candidate everyone expected to be terrible ended up being amazing.  Or maybe you saw a meme with the president or pope or Kermit the frog that was totally hilarious and you just happen to notice that it had been shared over a million times.  Or it's the GIF of the weatherman reporting from the middle of a hurricane who literally gets knocked over by the wind... again and again.  Or really, any video of cats. 

Even though the word "viral" originally meant something awful, like disease, it have grown to describe anything that starts small and spreads quickly.  And that's what this series is about. Picking the things in our lives, the right kinds of things, to go viral - to experience something, share it, and have it spread, so that before long something that started small can end up having a big effect on the world arond us.


Week ONE (2/28/2018)

Have you ever heard the term “spring cleaning?” You know, that time of year when you go through everything you own and you’re supposed to get rid of a lot of it. There’s probably something in you that cringes every time you have to let go of something. You don’t need all of those things anymore, but there’s still something in you that just doesn’t want to let it go and yet we still want more stuff. We all know that feeling. It’s the feeling that makes us think we always have to have more. That feeling is called greed, and, if we don’t try to stop it, it has the power to go viral in our lives. Humans have been struggling with greed for hundreds of years—all the way back to when Jesus walked the Earth. And as we look at what Jesus told His followers about greed, we’ll learn that there is an antidote to stop the spread of greed from impacting our lives. And, it can improve the lives of others as well.

Greed keeps me focused on me.​


Week TWO (3/7/2018)

We’ve all seen something go viral. You’ve probably even seen something go viral today! But have you ever thought about why it went viral? That’s a question so many are trying to answer. And what most research found is that positive content—videos or photos or stories that make people feel good—are more likely to go viral than negative content. Aren’t those the kinds of things we want to go viral in our own lives? This week we’re going to look at another one of those great characteristics that we want to go viral: compassion. While we all know compassion is an incredible thing to have, we sometimes struggle to put it in to practice. It’s hard to look beyond ourselves to see the needs of others. But as we look at the way Jesus lived, we’ll see that His life was defined by noticing the needs of others. His life was defined by compassion. And it’s only when we begin to model our lives after His example that we can really see compassion start to go viral in our lives today.

Attention Please! — Compassion is fueled by focus.


Week THREE (3/14/2018)

Have you ever seen something go viral online that just didn’t seem quite right? Maybe it was one of those posts on Facebook claiming a millionaire will give you some of his money if you post the right emoji. Or maybe it was an article about a crazy scientific breakthrough declaring cows could fly. Something about it seems a little off, but people believe it anyway. Why? Because once a story or idea has been repeated a thousand times—once it goes viral—we naturally assume it must be true. This kind of thing doesn’t just happen online. People make assumptions about things all the time in real life. This is especially true when it comes to Christianity. There are so many ideas floating around about church and Christians that it can leave us wondering what the story really is. The good news for us is that we can look to the life of Jesus to get the real story. And when we look at the things central to His life and message—the things He made go viral—we’ll find that following Jesus may just mean something different than we thought all along.

The Real Story — Partnering with Jesus = Passing out hope.​


Think About This

We know we should want our kids to volunteer somewhere, right? It looks great on college applications.  It helps the community.  Volunteering is never a bad thing.  The problem is, time to volunteer or serve somewhere competes with the time required to do a lot of other important things like...

  Homework...   College applications...    Sports practice...   SAT prep...   Family TIme...   Down Time...

And the list goes on and on.  While we all know that serving is a good idea, it is tempting to feel like we should skip it in favor of the activities that will benefit our kids long-term.

So are we missing something? 

Check out this podcast as Dr Kara Powell, Reggie Joiner, and Kristen Ivy discuss what benefits our kids could experience by serving, and how missing out on those opportunities could impact their future.  

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